Elder County, TN Ep. 81 The Day The Mountain Fell pt. 1

1 month ago

CW: Talk of Death & dismemberment, Body Horror sounds, mentions of violence, medial descriptions, gun violence, sudden loud noises, rot, mild drug use, intense pain, discussion of blood, discussion of death, aggressive, repeated sounds, depictions of poverty,

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Out in North Carolina where the woods grow old Laid a damned old snake, in the ground cold And there is slept for day untold Till old king coal came callin

All it wanted was to hunt and eat But this modern world plays for keeps And they pushed back to the edge of defeat Till a young con man came to break and old deal

Come people rather round I'll tell you a story that'll shake the ground Bout some would be kings and a broke crown The day the mountain fell on down The day the mountain fell on down

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